Pre-commitment ritual event of the Nacerima

There is a commitment ritual common in the Nacerima society usually preempting the formation of the nuclear family. This ceremony, and many of the common traditions and variations it involves have been well documented.  It appears that the majority of the Nacerima’s consideration is actually given to the events that immediately preceding the commitment ritual rather than the ceremony itself.             

The event looked at here is one of the most perplexing of those seen in the time immediately before the commitment ritual. The activities of this event are limited to only to females and usually only those who are intimately involved with the pair to be united. Most of the activities of this event are variable and for this reason, the events are hard to summarize. It can take place in daylight or at night, indoors or outdoors, with or without the ingestion of food. The broadest conclusion that can be drawn from the practice is that most of the females depart wildly from their normal recorded behavior.

In the most extreme, activities include the females traveling to areas where there are more opportunities to participate in engaging activities. The primary female is often marked as individual among the group with bright adornments and/or phallic representations, which is seen as highly amusing to the other females of the group. The presence of various fermented beverages is routinely seen at the celebrations and less commonly, a troop of highly sexualized and unclothed males will provide entertainment to the females.

From these observations we can determine that this event, while varying greatly in the activities it encompasses, is seen by the Nacerima society as part of the preparation for the commitment ritual. Researchers hypothesize that the females that participate do so under the belief that the event will more fully complete the groundwork required before the commitment ritual can take place.

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