Nacirema and the Seninac

Human beings consider themselves dominant over all animals. Most cultures use animals solely for food and labor. However, the secluded Naciremans created a strange yet strong bond with a particular animal: the seninac. The seninac are a beautiful and playful type of animal. While seniacs come in a variety of shapes and colors, a typical seninac is quadrupedal with a semi-pentile tail. Seninacs can communicate with both their own kind and human beings through body language and growling noises. The seninacs can be found in multiple regions, yet only the Naciremans (and some Naeporuens) treat the seninacs as human beings. Although many cultures emphasize a strong connection between humans and animals, Naciremans worship the seninacs as holy companions.

Most Naciremans worship their seninac companion ritualistically. Once a Nacireman wakes up, she will tie a rope between herself and the seninac. After gathering specially prepared food, bags, and tools, she will let the seninac take her outside, where the seninac will lead her around her neighborhood. What is most shocking about this tradition is the Nacireman’s willingness to clean up the seninac’s excrement. To many Naciremans, excrement is dirty and unclean, yet they’re connection to their seninacs are so close that the Naciremans will take their unclean element off the ground. The Nacireman will dress her hands with shiny clear clothing, and use welded tools to save the excrement into another shiny clear bag. Even though the bag will smell terrible to the Nacireman, she doesn’t waver in her friendship to this beast, and still carries it around as he shows her the neighborhood.

Naciremans will perform many activities throughout the day for their seninacs. Even though they will not eat the animal, nor put it through heavy labor, they still find it necessary to pamper and love the seninac daily. Many seninacs will exercise with colorful spheres and squeaking dolls everyday. In fact, Naciremans will give large gifts for these spheres and dolls just to please their seninac. They will also give large gifts for clothing specifically crafted for the seninac (please see image below). While it is questionable whether the seninac enjoys these cloths or not, the Naciremans will dress their seninacs in the cloths in order to show their gratitude and appreciation to the animal.

While some cultures will see seninacs as food, and other will see seninacs as both companions and food, Naciremans see their seninacs as companions and friends. Although the seninacs do not always treat the Naciremans with the same grandeur and love that the Naciremans give to the seninacs, both species seem to share an emotional bond. As such, both species are happier because of these connections.


Here is an image of a typical seninac, with a treat on his nose. Photo by nyonmix.

Here is an image of two seninacs wearing their Nacireman’s clothing. Photo by Chris Pirillo.

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