The Egelloc Stneduts’ use of Koobecaf

For the past seven months I have lived with a unique group of Nacirema people, in an area called Amla.  Egelloc Stneduts have many different territories spread across the middle of North America, and the dominant age range is eighteen years of age to twenty two years.  Here in Amla, the Egelloc Stneduts live in very large structures made of bricks and a type of glue. They spend most of their days in the large structures staring at magical flat box called a retupmoc. The Retupmoc is very heavy and looks like a piece of solid metal until it is opened and the magical rectangle appears. The most peculiar activity I observed on these magical rectangles was the use of Koobecaf.

Koobecaf is a magical place that was created by one of the Egelloc Stneduts at Dravarh Ytisrevinu. From what I have observed Koobecaf is very sacred to Egelloc Stenduts. Many spend an unlimited amount of time in this magical place. In this magical place Egelloc Stneduts interact through the use of symbols and images.  When new symbols are viewed the people of Amla react to the same way one would through conversation. Many will not believe facts until they are viewed on Koobecaf, and I have seen the Egelloc Stenduts call a relationship between two people of their kind Koobecaf Laiciffo.

I have observed that the images and symbols represent the lives and stories of the Egelloc Stenduts. The face to face interaction between two people can often be very limited due to Koobecaf.  The people spend many hours observing the images and symbols of Egelloc Stenduts.  It seems as though one can learn the life story of many Egelloc Stenduts from the images and symbols on Koobecaf. Although most communication is between the people of Amla, every Egelloc Stenduts communicates with a handful of Nacirema people throughout North America.

Although I do not understand the many symbols and images located on Koobecaf, it acts a very sophisticated way of communication.  The love for Koobecaf seems to be the strongest among the Egelloc Stenduts; however the magical place allows Nacirema people to interact with other Nacirema people located in many different territories.

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