The Growing Obsession of the Magic Box and Ytilaer Noisivelet in the Nacirema

As an anthropologist, I have been privileged enough to be able to observe the tribe of the Nacirema for quite some time now.  They are a very unique group, which station themselves between the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, the Canadian Cree, and the Carib and Awak of the Antilles.  Throughout my time with them I have watched and learned many rituals that they perform, some occurring every day.  In doing so, I have noticed that, lately, one type of behavior has been growing in numbers quite rapidly.

In almost every Nacireman home, there is a magic box that is stationed in the main headquarters of a hut.  It is not known why, but every member of the family tends to take a liking to this magic box.  When the children are done with their daily assignments and the mothers and fathers get home from their workplaces, the magic box brings everything from news to the Naciremans, to moving pictures of animals that make the children cry with laughter.  However, I have noticed that recently the Naciremans are gazing at the giant magic box to see something new.  It is not news of horrible things happening in other countries, or great moving pictures of hilarious animals, but moving pictures of fellow Naciremans, participating in the daily routines and other rituals seen in Nacireman culture. I was informed that these particular moving picture sets are called, “Ytilaer Noisivelet.”

I was absolutely astonished as I witnessed a young Nacireman girl, 12 years of age, watch a show named, “Erohs Yersej” that followed middle-aged Naciremans partaking in the acts of drinking the poisonous truth serum, going out to meetings and consuming illegal Nacireman substances, and moving very provocatively  and rapidly to noises to attract Nacireman members of opposite sex.  The young girl’s mother was very mad at her when she found out that she had watched this horrible moving picture set, and banned her from watching the magic box for one whole week.  After this happened; however, I witnessed the mother then return to the magic box to observe what appeared to be a ceremony where a Nacireman woman was giving out long-stemmed earth hair to men whom she believed she would share the sacred love bond made by two Nacireman people—but there were 12 men for just 1 woman!

These are not the only two moving picture sets that the magic box has inside of it that deals with Nacireman people.  Sometimes in the warm months, while the Nacireman children are out of their brain enhancement centers, during the light hours you can find moving picture sets that show Naciremans acting in total exaggeration.  Every emotion is exemplified to an extreme and, in my opinion; the people who are in the magic box during this time are not even that good!

So this is the growing obsession that I have observed in the Nacireman culture over the past couple of years, and I don’t know if there will ever be anything that will overcome the magic box and the great deal of pleasure it brings to the Naciremans.  One can only hope that one day this will cease, but I am not sure that this will ever happen.

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