The Nacireman Childhood Celebration of Freedom

Growing up in the Nacireman culture you begin to adapt to a lifestyle filled with many rituals, celebrations, customs, and traditions that set Nacirema apart from other geographical settings of our once Pangean community. The road to adulthood in Nacirema is a path of many stops along the way. Different stages must be reached and cleared for each sex to achieve the ultimate goal up adulthood in Nacireman culture. However, for all Nacireman youth an important objective must be complete. For all members of Nacireman culture education is valued above all.

 Starting at early youth, Naciremans all must attend a center of learning to begin their journey of knowledge. Most commonly divided by age the learning centers have kids in various ages and amounts depending on the size of the area of study. Focusing more on the early levels of education, Naciremans define these stages of the learning process “Elementary School.” “Elementary Schools” are located all over Nacirema and are run by elderly Naciremans and attend by our most youthful scholars.

Ageing and developing a higher knowledge of Nacireman life is undoubtedly the most important objective of these learning centers. However from experience, the most valued part of each five day week learning schedule is the Nacireman Childhood Celebration of Freedom. A slang term amongst the Naciremans for this Childhood Celebration of Freedom is referred to as “recess”. It is a freedom indescribable, where all stress of expanding our knowledge is lifted and “play time” has no begun.

For the youth of Nacirema fun is placed above all and nothing is more fun to young Naciremans than doing various outdoor activities with fellow peers. I was informed early that a “playground” is the area where all fun activities and outdoor games are to take place while enrolled at a learning center. “Recess” is a daily ritual among the youth of Nacirema while embarking in their journey to achieve knowledge.

“Recess” can be made up of many games played solo or with fellow enrolled learners. Popular “recess” games include accuracy shot which involves any number of Naciremans taking a round orange bouncy ball and launching it with their hands and upper body through the air while trying to put it through a circular rim.  One that involves a large group of people is very similar to that of the Nacireman past time. Kick and run is very close to the valued Nacireman game of baseball however equipment such as bats are replaced by kicking a larger ball that is rolled toward the “batter.” Lastly, the most common activity done by the youth at these learning centers during the Nacireman Childhood Celebration of Freedom is playing on what they refer to as a “jungle gym.” Known for its various activities able to be achieved on, “jungle gyms” are always associated with the Nacireman Childhood Celebration of Freedom referred to as “recess.”

Observing at older ages and thinking back to my days of youth of Nacireman culture many clear memories of mine come from the valued time spent during “recess” while enrolled at learning centers. The Nacireman Childhood Celebrations of Freedom is a necessity that is valued highly among the youth at various “Elementary Education” facilities.

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