The Nacireman Pastime

The Nacireman culture has rich traditions. Almost all of those can identify with what they call their “national pastime.” All cultures have specific games and rituals that all member of the society take place in. It just so happens that Naciremans have a very specific game that is unique to themselves.

The Nacireman national pastime is called baseball. It is widely popular, and thousands of people will gather to view a single game together. There are large stadiums with thousands of seats stacked row after row high into the air. All the seats are arranged in a circle with a field in the middle; the field in the middle is where the ritual takes place.

The Naciremans will come from miles around to see the event. It is a rite of passage really; many parents will bring their children to see their first game. The Naciremans will wear special clothing to support a team that they identify with. These fans will spend large amounts of their personal resources in order to have proper attire to show their allegiance.

The actual game has many traditions that go with it. Before every game there is a Nacireman song that is sung to show support for their nation. They all rise and sing along to this tune. Afterward the celebrated athletes take the field and begin the competition. There are also classic Nacirmean delicacies that are enjoyed during the game. All of the fans consume hot dogs, peanuts, and plenty of alcohol.

The game itself is important, but the Naciremans will generally enjoy the game regardless of whether their team emerges victorious. They scream and cheer in what is a truly unique atmosphere. Often Naciremans that support opposing teams will get into arguments that will escalate as far as becoming violent. At the end of the game the supporters of the victor walk away feeling as if they have the right to boast over their adversaries.

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