The Ritual of Prom, Nacirema

For many young boys and girls prom is a time for this culture to dress in very nice attire and celebrate as a whole school.  I was given the opportunity to become a part of this celebration called, Prom.  The age groups that perform in this ritual of prom are at the ages of sixteen to eighteen.  I was able to dress up and go pick out a certain dress to wear to this ritual. The young ladies’ and I woke up very early in the morning. These young Nacirema women become thrilled with the idea of wearing a beautiful, long length dress. Also, these young women spend hours on simply applying make-up to their faces and getting these so-called “up dos” done to their hair. The “up dos” are very fascinating to look at. All the hair is bundled up and pulled to the back of the head.

Many of these rituals are very intimidating for the young Nacirema boys. It is their job to find a young Nacirema lady and ask her if they can go to prom together. If the young lady accepts, the boys job is to provide a flower type bracelet that is applied on the girls wrist. The young Nacirema girl provides a flower that is applied on the young boys jacket. The young couple go to dinner and then arrive at a nice place and dance the rest of the night.

I was able to observe this ritual. It was fascinating to see all the Nacirema prom guest’s take many photographs, dance with all their friends, and show off the Nacirema girls dresses’.  After the ritual of prom is complete,  the couples go back to their own houses and the night is over.

I learned a lot of the ritual of prom.  This ritual of prom is practice throughout the whole Nacirema community at a young age. It gives the young adults a way to have one night to dress up and have freedom. This seemed strange to me at first, but I’ve learned to appreciate this specific ritual.


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