A Celebration for Nacirema!

As I lived with the extremely nationalistic Nacirema culture, I found it extremely odd that on the fourth day of the seventh month of every year, the people of this culture spend the whole day worshipping themselves and the land they live on. People rush to lakes bringing all sorts of extremely unhealthy foods with them. After it becomes dark, these people bring out these highly explosive candles that go way up into the sky and explode into a smoky burst of colored sparks. I still can’t understand why people who loved themselves and the place they live so much would put so much smoke and chemicals into the air they breathe.


Even though this seemed to be a celebration of themselves, the Naciremans were very welcoming to me. They were having a huge march where they shut off all traffic on the city streets and musicians, television personalities and other local celebrities all march up and down the streets. To my surprise, they invited me to be at the front of the march, even pulling a huge wheeled display behind me in my honor! They even taught me the words to this song that they kept singing over and over. Something about this huge red, blue, and white piece of fabric they kept waving all over the march. When I asked about it, they said that it represents Nacirema and this day that they have every year.


Further conversation with the natives informed me that this special day was in honor of the Naciremans becoming separate from the Hsilgne’s. Apparently a long time ago there was a huge fight between the two cultures. The Naciremans wanted to become separate from the Hsilgne’s since there was a huge ocean that separated them. I still don’t understand why these people celebrate a day that celebrates their culture but yet also celebrates the deaths of so many Naciremans and Hsilgnens.

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