Ritual of Children Dancing and the Nacirema People

After living with the Nacirema people for almost five years I was able to experience an unusual ritual, of dancing on a stage with bright lights, colored faces, and unusually gaudy attire. In most cases the Nacirema citizens that are involved in this strange affair are children with the occasional adult performers. This ritual happens once a year after ten months of training, and practicing odd movements of the body. In most cases special shows are worn, usually a leathery material and depending on the mood of the body movements these leather shoes were either light pink or black, and on occasion tan. Also occasionally the pink shoes had hard boxes inside the toe allowing the Nacirema children to stand very strangely on there toes.

The children were all coordinated often moving around on an uplifted platform that was highly light up by powerful strange magical lights. Their movement seemed to also coordinate with a variety of music selections. Below sat most of the Nacirema population many family members and friends of the children who were moving around on the platform performing their unusual dances. After each group of children was finished applause would break out and the magic lights would dim so that they were barely on. As soon as the lights returned another group of strange little dancing Nacirema children would appear and perform.

At the end of the performance all of the Nacirema children involved mostly girls, would all crowd on the stage with loud music blaring, applause would break out and was fairly consistent as they called out individual names and the children and adults in charge of the event bowed. Many of the children were given flowers, and many camera flashes were seen recording this bizarre event.

Afterwards parents would crowd the halls of the big stage building taking pictures of children and handing out flowers. Many families then proceeded to celebrate by moving their celebration to food sources were they were indulgent and continued their celebration.

This occurrence then seems to disappear during the summer months and repeats its self over the next ten months, with children practicing their unusual moves and eventually performing them on the grand stage again.

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