The Practice of Football in Nacirema

I am a big fan of physical competition among people, in my country it isn’t always looked upon by the higher members of my society. But upon traveling to the new land of Nacirema I quickly found a new hard hitting competition that had everyone raging.

These giant men would dress up in padding and just knock the wind out of each other’s different tribes trying to get this silly pig skin looking oval down the field. The object being to get the ball to the end of the field and throw your arms up in a “V” shape and you get an odd amount of points. They all referenced this competition as football. As I watched more closely I noticed that they never really use their feet, I am bewildered as to why they call this game football when a foot is only used a few times during the game. 

Wanting to find out more about this competition I attended multiple games hoping to pick up on this and bring what I learned home. After going to watch young kids, young adults, and then old men go about hitting each other. I began to pick up on the rules, excitement, and finally what the “V” shape of the arms was about. In Nacirema everyone watches this sport (I learned that too, this game football is called a sport), and they love it. Those that don’t seem to be on the out skirts of society and can be looked down upon, this is new to me in my country I’m the one looked down upon for loving competitions. Even the people in charge of this new world Nacirema watch and enjoy it.

This ritual is all about who is bigger, faster, and stronger than one another. It becomes a test of the male population to see who is supreme. And those men that are the best are worshiped by everyone even the young children.


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