How Women Communicate with other Women and Men

Chapter 1

  • pg. 1: Both mother and father sing lullabies to the baby.
  • pg. 6: There are separate huts for men and women (save the huts for visitors).

Chapter 2

  • pg. 25: The mother has to give the father’s complaint to the grandmother herself.

Chapter 3

  • pg. 31: Grandma and Halmia beat the Fur boys for hurting Mo.
  • pg. 34: Although everyone loves the Beer women for their beer, Beer women can only talk to other Beer women.

Chapter 4

  • pg. 42: Despite their playful nature, Grandma still verbally asserts her power over Grandpa.

Chapter 5

  • pg. 55-60: Halima is circumcised. ALthough the entire process is painful, the women all consider it a passage to adulthood. Also, Halima blames her father for the pain.

Chapter 6

  • pg. 70: Halima treats each girl differently based on their race. She’s friendlier with the Africans than she is with the Arabs.

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

  • pg. 103: Grandma is upset that the family doesn’t talk to each other, so she starts yelling at the children and visitors to get away from the TV.

Chapter 9

  • pg. 106: All the girls tease each other in terms of racial differences.
  • pg. 110: Mother attempts to play peacemaker after Omer tries to cut Halima’s white eyelash.

Chapter 10

  • pg. 117-118: The women argue about the bride price.
  • pg. 126: For the first time, Grandma is humiliated by te father.

Chapter 11

  • pg. 130: The awkward conversation between Halima, the doctor-to-be, and her friend, the mother.
  • pg. 131: Despite their separation, Grandma weeps bitterly for the death of her husband and sons. After this moment, she loses her fiery spirit.

Chapter 12

  • pg. 141: The girls at this school don’t judge each other for their sexual differences as harshly as they did in elementary school (though they still judge each other’s cultural differences).
  • pg. 145: People are convinced that a woman cannot be educated and marriageable simultaneously.

Chapter 13

  • pg. 150: The first thing that Grandma and the mother want to do when Halima comes home is feed her.

Chapter 14

  • pg. 162: Halima yells at Dahlia for not understanding why the Darfuris want to fight the Arabs.
  • pg. 164: Halima’s tutor lies to the examiner, and Halima is helpless in defending herself.

Chapter 15

  • pg. 171: The women in Halima’s village want a “treatment.”
  • pg. 172: Halima laughs at Omer’s impersonation of Elvis, even though he’s also embarrassing her in front of all her patients.
  • pg. 173: Halima’s mother is mad at Halima’s decision to move her practice outside of the village.
  • pg. 176: Asha, one of the mother’s friends, thinks that Halima’s education and her time in the city are causing her to leave the city. She also feels that Halima needs a husband.

Chapter 16

  • pg. 185: Despite their torturous tactics, Halima still defends herself in front of the Arab government.

Chapter 17

  • pg. 196-197: The grandmother distrusts Halima as a doctor, and tries to start a fight with her.

Chapter 18

  • pg. 202: Aisha thinks that Halima should have children. She also thinks that Halima’s education has “confused” her.
  • pg. 207: Again, Halima stands up against the Arab soldiers by refusing to compile a list of wounded African soldiers.

Chapter 19

  • pg. 2112-216: Halima and the female teachers are forced to garner their strength together and heal the poor girls who were victims of this unspeakable attack.
  • pg. 220: Halima calls one of the little girls “little sister.”

Chapter 20


Chapter 21


Chapter 22

  • pg. 242: The mothers blame themselves for the children who were left behind in the attack.
  • pg. 245: Halima tries to volunteer herself as a rebel doctor, but they won’t let her join.

Chapter 23

  • pg. 253: Halima’s mother decides to take her sons away from the village, and let Halima look after herself.
  • pg. 255: The coffee woman helps Halima find a destination.
  • pg. 257: Halima trusts Abdul because he reminds her of her father.

Chapter 24

  • pg. 264-265: Malaika wants Halima to tell her whole story. When she refuses, Malaika believes that Halima is a runaway bride.

Chapter 25

  • pg. 277: Halima keeps her pride by keeping her distance from many of the refugees.

Chapter 26

  • 283-284: Halima and Sharif meet for the first time. They’re both shy, yet happy to be with other members of their tribe again.

Chapter 27


Chapter 28


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