Food Preparation and Eating

Part I

Chapter 1:

–          Pg. 6- slaughtered animals for a the entire tribe for a feast for a naming ceremony

–          Pg. 7- women helped cook and there were piles of food ready for the feast

Chapter 2:

–          Pg. 13- grandma was cooking in a black pot

–          Pg. 14- Women eat damirgha (wheat, milk and yogurt) before her wedding and after giving birth

–          Pg.18- Women made a special dish to give the men they are married.  This dish is supposed to allow the men to produce strong children.

–          Pg. 18- Some women would not eat with men.

–          Pg. 20- grandma made molletah out of leaves, onions peanuts and lemon juice; it is supposed to cleanse the stomach.

–          Pg. 20-21- grandma would go to the forest to gather leaves for medicine as well as food.

Chapter 3:

–          Pg 28- they believe that the bigger the group that is eating with them the larger their appetite will be.

–          Pg.28-  when they ate in big groups they would all eat off of one big tray in middle they would then take food with their right hand and put it in their mouth

–          Pg 28-29- Making yogurt was a chore: first they would milk the cows, the she placed the milk in a gourd and hung it in the raftors for 3-4 days.  The gourd will then be brought down and she would shake the contents.  The milk would then separate into either butter or yogurt.

–          Pg. 34- beer is believed to make people strong and healthy so they sometimes give it to children

Chapter 4:

–          N/A

Chapter 5:

–          N/A

Part II

Chapter 6:

–          N/A

Chapter 7:

–          Pg. 87-  Grandma had them gather locusts to eat because they were still a source of food.

Chapter 8:

–          N/A

Chapter 9:

–          N/A

Chapter 10:

–          Pg. 121- the bride and grooms breakfast was prepared by the mother in law.  The meal was very detailed and structured.

Chapter 11:

–          N/A

Part III

Chapter 12:

–          N/A

Chapter 13:

–          Pg.154- they have a feast for her return. Halima, her grandmother and mother prepare the meat.

Chapter 14:

–          N/A

Chapter 15:

–          N/A

Chapter 16:

–          N/A

Chapter 17:

–          N/A

Chapter 18:

–          N/A

Chapter 19:

–          N/A

Chapter 20:

–          N/A

Chapter 21:

–          N/A

Chapter 22

–          N/A

Chapter 23:

–          N/A

Part IV

Chapter 24:

–          N/A

Chapter 25:

–          N/A

Chapter 26:

–          N/A

Chapter 27:

–          N/A

Chapter 28:

–          N/A

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