Tears of the Desert-Games and Sports

Chapter 1

  • page 6: Halima plays a game with her father similar to “This little piggy went to market”, ending with tickling of the armpit

Chapter 2

  • page 17: All of the village children play together
  • page 19: Participation in play-fighting with Kadiga
  • page 25: While in line at the village well, children play in the mud with each other

Chapter 3

  • page 30: Mohammed has a toy airplane (which get stolen by some Fur boys)
  • page 31: They chase the Land Rover and climb on the back until someone notices
  • page 31: Shadow game- Halima makes a shape with her shadow and Kadiga and Mo have to figure out what it is
  • page 31-32: The children make rag dolls out of straw and cotton and car, huts, and horses out of clay. They use the horses for war and the last horse standing is the winner.
  • page 32-33: “Moon-bone game”- The neighborhood children gather together outside during a full moon. Halima throws a goat bone while they are not looking and the search begins. Whoever finds it has to yell “I’ve found the treasure!” and has to race back to the starting line without someone else stealing the bone,

Chapter 4

  • page 44: More play-fighting or wrestling; one rule is to not hit people in the face

Chapter 5

  • page 52: Halima, Mo, and Omer play chase at the market

Chapter 6

  • page 27: Halima and her school friends play hopscotch, squares are drawn out in the dust
  • page 27: Some girls were jumping rope with 2 holding the rope and one jumping in the middle
  • page 27: Sockball- Halima’s favorite game; 3 girls would line up with one in the middle. The 2 girls on the ends would try and hit the middle girl with the sockball ( “old sock stuffed full of rags and bound tightly into a ball”). If the middle girl got hit, she became a thrower.
  • page 73: The children tease the white people and run after them yelling “khawajat”

Chapter 7

  • page 89: Halima and her friends play more sockball on the playground

Chapter 8

  • No discussion of games or sports

Chapter 9

  • page 114: Halima and her brothers pretend they are grownups with important jobs. They have an argument after of who has the better job. The one declared loser has to carry the winner on his/her back.

Chapter 10

  • No discussion of games or sports

Chapter 11

  • No discussion

Chapter 12

  • No discussion

Chapter 13

  • No discussion

Chapter 15

  • page 173: The children hide on the side of the road and jump out at the other children passing by and say, “The Arabs are coming!”

Chapter 16

  • No discussion

Chapter 17

  • No discussion

Chapter 18

  • No discussion

Chapter 19

  • No discussion

Chapter 20

  • No discussion

Chapter 21

  • No discussion

Chapter 22

  • page 238: The children go out into the street upon hearing the helicopter and shout, “Khawajat! Plan Number Three!”

Chapter 23

  • No discussion

Chapter 24

  • No discussion

Chapter 25

  • No discussion

Chapter 26

  • No discussion

Chapter 27

  • No discussion

Chapter 28

  • No discussion
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