Tears of the Desert-Asylum Process

Topic: The Asylum Process

Part 1: No Mention

Part 2: No Mention

Part 3:

Chapter 24:

  • Pg. 265: Halima meets the agent who has been hired to assist with her escape from Sudan.  His services will cost eight million Sudanese pounds.
  • Pg. 267: Halima is given very specific instructions from her agent as to how she should behave on her journey.
  • Pg. 269: Halima finally learns that she is traveling to London, England.

Chapter 25:

  • Pg. 272: Once in London, Halima is told to approach two police officers and inform them that she was seeking asylum.
  • Pg. 274: Halima is interrogated by a white man who appears to be a British government official.
  • Pg. 276: Photographed for ID
  • Pg. 277: Asylum Hostel
  • Pg. 278: Stays in hostel for 2 months. Becomes ill.

Chapter 26:

  • Pg. 282: After four months, Halima resettled to Newcastle. Makes contact with husband.
  • Pg 284: Sharif suggests that Halima come live with him.
  • Pg 285: Mention of corruption in asylum system.

Chapter 27:

  • Pg. 291: Halima is required to report to a center to sign and be fingerprinted each week.

Chapter 28:

  • Pg. 297: Asylum seekers not allowed to work.
  • Pg. 301: Sharif hides from police attempting to arrest him.
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