Tears of the Desert – Community Events

Chapter 1:

Pg. 6 – Naming Ceremony: A child’s name must be announced to the tribe within 7 days of birth

Chapter 2:


Chapter 3:

Pg. 32 – The kids gather to play the “moon-bone” game while parents watched and cheered for their children.

Chapter 4:


Chapter 5:

Pg. 55 – Halima’s circumcision: A passage from girlhood to womanhood. The women of the tribe gather to celebrate and honor Halima in her coming right of passage.

Chapter 6:

Pg. 73 – The people of Hashma gather to watch the Khawajat, or white people.

Chapter 7:


Chapter 8:

Pg. 102 –The Zaghawa people gather every night to watch the TV.

Chapter 9:

Pg. 113-144: Halima’s families each hold a celebration to honor here success in school.

Chapter 10:

Pg. 117: The Wedding: The family travels to a neighboring village in order to attend their cousin’s wedding. An extravagant bride-price has been made, the head-shaving ritual has taken place, and the well known tricks and fighting for more bride-price take place. Wihtout fighting the Zighawa people would find the wedding boring

Chapter 11:

Pg. 131: The community attends the burial of Halima’s grandfather. A muslim must be buried on the day of his death

Chapter 12:


Chapter 13:


Chapter 14:


Chapter 15:

Pg. 169 – Many people of the tribe gather to receive help from and witness the healing power of Halima.

Chapter 16:


Chapter 17:


Chapter 18:


Chapter 19:


Chapter 20:


Chapter 21:


Chapter 22:

Pg. 248: Those remaining in the tribe gather for supper. They would listen to the stories of their tribe members and allow the collective mourning to continue.

Chapter 23:


Chapter 24:


Chapter 25:


Chapter 26:

Pg. 284 – The Zaghawa people in England bring gifts and celebrate Halima’s presence in the new community and the marriage between Sharif and her.

Chapter 27:

Pg. 290 – Halima holds her own naming ceremony for her first-born son.

Pg. 294 – People in England gather to her Halima’s story on the horrors of Sudan, and help take a stand against her deportation.

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