Tears of the Desert: Exchange Systems/ Money/ Barter/ etc… in Sudan

Tears of the Desert: Exchange Systems/ Money/ Barter/ etc… in Sudan

Chapter 1:

  • Pg. 7: When a child was to be named a feast would be held where food and other gifts were brought to share with all of the village members.
  • Pg. 9: Halima’s father managed to buy an old Land Rover with his money.
  • Pg. 11: Halima’s Father, “Abba”, made a down payment on the dowry he would be paying for his wife to be’s hand in marriage.

Chapter 2:

  • Pg. 17: For many Zaghawa families gifts are given at weddings and births in the form of pigeons.
  • Pg. 24: There was a service that would collect fire wood and drive by the villages calling out to those who wanted to purchase firewood.
  • Pg. 25: Like the firewood, a man would do the same selling water of a donkey cart banging a drum letting people know he was there if villagers needed water to buy.

Chapter 3:

  • Pg. 28: The Zaghawa chief first proposed a trade for his armored car and then the two sat down and negotiated a deal of peace.

Chapter 4:

  • Pg. 43: The kids were instructed by their Grandma that once they had saved enough money they should purchase gold.
  • Pg. 51: When Grandma’s goats were stolen Abba went out to the market place and purchased new ones.

Chapter 5:

  • Pg. 64: Halima’s father had to pay fees for Halima to have a reserved spot in the big school away from the village.

Chapter 6:

  • Pg. 74: While at school, instead of packing lunches Halima bought her lunches from the Felatta woman’s stall.

Chapter 7:

  • Pg. 88: When Halima’s father came to her school he met her teachers and gave them a small gift of money and then made a donation to the head mistress toward school funds.

Chapter 8:

  • N/A

Chapter 9:

  • Pg. 113: When Halima was announced for making honor roll she was given a gold embossed Koran and some prize money.

Chapter 10:

  • Pg. 117: At the Halima’s close cousins wedding a dowry had to be paid in both money and a number of animals and more money was later given after controversy with the bride’s family not letting her leave to go to the wedding.
  • Pg. 119: The drummer at the party was paid in advance as well as through tips while he played at the wedding.

Chapter 11:

  • Pg. 129: The secondary school Halima attended would get more pay bonuses based off the number of students they got accepted into college.

Chapter 12:

  • Pg. 138: During Halima’s train ride to university every time the train stopped vendors would sell all kinds of things through the windows of the train.

Chapter 13:

  • Pg. 157: For the university students that joined the Jihad as exchange for joining the fight they wouldn’t have to take exams.

Chapter 14:

  • N/A

Chapter 15:

  • N/A

Chapter 16:

  • N/A

Chapter 17:

  • N/A

Chapter 18:

  • Pg. 201: Aisha did a little trade in the village marketplace by selling ghou, the flour used to make acidah.

Chapter 19:

  • N/A

Chapter 20:

  • N/A

Chapter 21:

  • N/A

Chapter 22:

  • N/A

Chapter 23:

  • Pg. 256: Halima and the truck driver taking her to Khartoum negotiated a price for travel and then the driver was paid.

Chapter 24:

  • Pg. 265: The agent that helped Halima escape was paid in money as well as gold that he would use to sell for more money.

Chapter 25:

  • N/A

Chapter 26:

  • Pg. 283: Sharif (Halima’s Husband), bought her a “pay-as-you-go mobile phone so they could stay in touch.

Chapter 27:

  • N/A

Chapter 27:

  • N/A

Chapter 27:

  • N/A

Chapter 28:

  • N/A
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