Tears of the Desert: Family organization/kinship patterns/clans/lineages

Chapter one:

Pg. 3 – Mother sings lullaby to child, but mentions that the father would also rock the child

Pg. 5 – Father, Abdul Bashir, gave the name Halima to his daughter after she has been born for seven days

Pg. 6 – Lineage of the family descended from many tribal chiefs of the Zaghawa tribe

Pg. 7 – While the mother rests for 40 days after giving birth, her mother helps out with the family.  It is also tradition to name children after their grandparents.

Pg. 10 – Abdul was in his mid thirties when he married his wife, Sumah, who was 18.  Abdul had to ask permission from her mother.  Grandma Sumah was long-estranged from her husband.  The three Zaghawa clans are: Towhir, Coube, and Bidayat.  The Bashir family belongs to the Coube clan.

Pg. 11 – Grandma away from Grandpa because he took another wife in secrecy, which she did not agree with.  When Grandpa came back, Abdul had to pay him a dowry for marrying his daughter.

Chapter two:

Pg. 16 – Grandma was a daughter of a Chief and she was disrespected when he took a second wife, even though it was not condemned in the culture.

Pg. 17 – Grandma allowed Abdul to marry her daughter because he agreed to only have one wife.

Chapter three:

Pg. 30 – All first born males are named “Mohammed”

Pg. 36 – If a husband died, the wife would marry his brother to keep the children in the same family

Chapter four:

Pg. 42 – A second son was born and he was giving the Surname, Omer

Chapter five:

Pg. 63 – Halima would be living with her father’s brother while at school

Chapter six:

No references

Chapter seven:

No references

Chapter eight:

Pg. 97 – Uncle Ahmed, youngest brother of Abdul, treats Halima like a daughter

Chapter nine:

Pg. 114 – A baby girl, Asia, was born into the family

Chapter ten:

Pg. 177-121 – A wedding is taking place.  The bride price is set, the groom gets shaved.  The groom buys new clothes for the bride’s family and the bride’s family builds the new couple a house.  Mother-in-law makes the groom his first meal as a married man.

Pg. 122 – Abdul gets an offer for Halima’s hand in marriage but he denies because she needs to continue her education.

Chapter eleven:

Pg. 131 – Grandma’s husband and sons get killed in war

Chapter twelve:

No reference

Chapter thirteen:

No reference

Chapter fourteen:

No reference

Chapter fifteen:

No reference

Chapter sixteen:

No reference

Chapter seventeen:

Pg. 192 – told of family lineage and found relatives in a new village where Halima is placed to work

Pg. 194 – Abakher is a relative of Halima and calls her daughter

Chapter eighteen:

Pg. 201 – Abakher has three wives and shares his time between them

Chapter nineteen:

No reference

Chapter twenty:

No reference

Chapter twenty-one:

Pg. 234 – Abdul arranges a marriage for Halima with cousin Sharif

Chapter twenty-two:

Pg. 245 – Once Abdul died, Halima helped run her family with her mother

Pg. 246 – While discussing options of moving, Sumah, the mother, claimed that her father’s second wife lives in Chad and they could stay with them

Chapter twenty-three:

No reference

Chapter twenty-four:

No reference

Chapter twenty-five:

No reference

Chapter twenty-six:

Pg. 284 – Halima finds Sharif in London and lives with him along with other Zaghawa people

Pg .285 – Halima is pregnant with her first child

Chapter twenty-seven:

Pg. 289 – Halima and Sharif name their son Mohammed

Chapter twenty-eight:

No reference

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