Tears of the Desert: Leadership

Chapter 1

  • Halima’s father announces her name at the naming ceremony, pg.5
  • Fakirs are holy men that heal people, their powers are considered very strong, pg.8
  • Abdul (Halima’s father) is wealthy figure and philosopher in the village, pg. 9
  • Elders of the village are entrusted to handle serious matters, pg.11

Chapter 2

  • Grandma Sumah leads Halima and Kadiga on a long expedition for firewood, pg.20

Chapter 3

  • The Zaghawa tell a story of how their chief once worked out a treaty with the British, pg.27

Chapter 4

  • Halima’s grandmother decides to pour gasoline in her mother’s ear as a remedy for her mother’s ear ache, pg.39

Chapter 5

  • Omer is a defiant child, but even he respects his father’s authority, pg.62

Chapter 6

  • The head mistress hits Mona and Halima for speaking Zaghawa, pg.70
  • Halima stands up to Miss Ursah because she feels like she’s being discriminated against because of her skin color, pg.77
  • Halima is top in her class in multiple subjects, pg.79

Chapter 7

  • Halima’s father talks about how America is a leader in the world, pg.85
  • Halima decides to take a stand against Sairah even though she’s the daughter of a government official and a teacher,pg.89

Chapter 8

  • Miss Shadhia stands up for Halima in front of the head mistress, pg.95

Chapter 9

  • Halima is awarded top of the year, pg.107
  • Halima makes the top five students of Darfur, pg.113
  • Grandma Sumah organizes a mission for the children to steal fruit, pg.115

Chapter 10

  • Halima’s father becomes active in politics, his party leader is elected President of Sudan; but soon after soldiers seize power of the country, pg.123
  • Halima’s father tries to convince the young Zaghawa men not to fight in the “jihad” pg.123

Chapter 11

  • Halima gets a passing score of 88% on her certificate exams, pg.129
  • Halima is accepted into Khartoum’s medicine program, pg. 132

Chapter 12

  • N/A

Chapter 13

  • Halima gets some of the black African students riled up about the fact that all the cadavers they work with are black, pg.158

Chapter 14

  • Some Darfuri rebels attack an airport killing dozens of soldiers and destroying several aircraft, pg.162
  • Halima supports the rebels in a conversation with her Arab roommates, pg.162

Chapter 15

  • Halima has her first experience working with patients from her village as their first ever medical doctor, pg.170

Chapter 16

  • Halima becomes well known as a black doctor who helps the native black Africans who seek help at the hospital, pg.179
  • Halima befriends Kayan, the head nurse at the hospital who is native to the Massalit tribe, pg.180

Chapter 17

  • Halima is forced to start her own clinic in Mazkhabad even though she is unready, pg.190
  • Halima does well in Mazkhabad and saves a young boy’s life, his parents are extremely thankful and promise to repay Halima someday, pg.198

Chapter 18

  • Halima begins to treat many injured Zaghawan warriors and rebels, pg.203
  • The police confront Halima for treating the rebels and demand a list of names of who she has helped, pg.206

Chapter 19

  • Halima has to treat many young girls after they’re raped by the Janjaweed, pg.211
  • The rape attack was clearly organized by the government, pg. 217
  • The U.N. comes to investigate the attack and speaks to Halima, pg.220

Chapter 20

  • N/A

Chapter 21

  • N/A

Chapter 22

  • Halima’s father ordes Omer and the rest of the family to run and hide in the forest while he stays behind and fights the Janjaweed, pg. 239
  • Omer leads his family through the attack to safety, pg.241
  • Halima talks her mother into staying in the village and helping the wounded, pg.246

Chapter 23

  • Halima assumes leader of her family and tries to think about what her Grandma Sumah would do, pg.252

Chapter 24

  • N/A

Chapter 25

  • Sairah had been living in the hostel for a year and helps the newcomers, pg.277
  • Sairah helps Halima find a lawyer to get her out of the hostel, pg.279

Chapter 26

  • N/A

Chapter 27

  • Halima speaks out about the horrors of war in the Sudan and becomes a global figure. Pg.287

Chapter 28

  • N/A
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