Chapter one:

Pg 3–  Halima sings the same lullaby to her son as her parents/grandmother did to her as a child.

Pg 7- Grandma rounds up village women to help prepare a feast for the celebration of the newborn child.

Pg 10– Dad tells Halima about Grandma allowing him to marry her mother due to his father only having one wife, assuming he would be the same way.

Pg 11– Grandpa shows up, not having seen his wife (Grandma) or daughter for several years, in rage, finding out his daughter was married and just had a baby! Elders gather to try to calm him.

Chapter two:

Pg 13– Halima talks about the Zaghawa tradition of how they wear their hair – plaited tightly to a women’s head, one row/section would run parallel to her forehead, as the rest of the hair going the opposite direction, hanging freely down her neck. She also talks about Grandma’s scarring and how Zaghawa men found the scarring to be beautiful. She mentioned that her Grandmother’s took hours to be completed.

Pg 18– Being a tradition, Halima was to sleep in Grandma’s hut because elders weren’t to be left alone.

Pg 20- Describes Grandma’s hidden, long beautiful hair. Men seemed to believe it were beautiful on women.

Pg 21– Grandma takes Halima and Kadrga to the new place for firewood.

Pg 23– The girls become frightened and drop everything and run for their lives, Grandma demands them to stop, the girls realize they must do so and turn back.

Pg 24– Father complains to mother about Grandma taking the girls and demands mother to talk to Grandma.

Chapter three:

Pg 31– Grandma and Halima beat the Fur boys for beating Mo up and taking his airplane toy.

Pg 35– Halima tells the truth to Grandma and Mother about drinking and gets beaten by both of them.

Pg 36– Grandma decides time for Mo and Halima’s scarring, Halima ends up getting away.

Pg 38- Halima gets away a second time from being scarred. She complains to Mother of how horrible Grandma is.

Chapter four:

Pg 39– Grandma attempts to cure Mother by pouring gas in her ear and makes her dreadfully ill and hospitalized for a long period of time.

Pg 42– Grandma becomes fond of Grandpa and starts to act strange.

Pg 49– Grandma becomes fond of the Radio and listens to it often.

Chapter five:

Pg 55– Grandma and Mother prepare a gathering for Halima’s circumcision. Halima goes through her circumcision.

Pg 61- Grandma becomes angry about Halima attending school in the city.

Chapter six:


Chapter seven:

Pg 83– Grandma is furious about Halima coming home with her hair in the “Bob Marley” style braids.

Chapter eight:

Pg 102– Father brings home a television and Grandma disapproves greatly. She HATES it.

Chapter nine:

Pg 106– Father speaks up to Grandma and yells at her for allowing the children to be watching such horrible violence on the television.

Chapter ten:

Pg 118– Brides family fights the grooms for more money before the wedding takes place and Grandma enjoys it.

Chapter eleven:

Pg 131– Grandma finds out about her husband and children’s deaths, it changes her completely.

Chapter twelve:


Chapter thirteen:

Pg 151– Halima goes home due to school being dismissed and gets yelled at from Mother and Grandma for being too thin.

Pg 154– Grandma changes how she slaughters her goats. She says “This life doesn’t last forever”.

Chapter fourteen:


Chapter fifteen:


Chapter sixteen:


Chapter seventeen:


Chapter eighteen:


Chapter nineteen:


Chapter twenty:

Pg 231– Father tells Halima about Grandma’s passing.

Chapter twenty-one:


Chapter twenty-two:


Chapter twenty-three:


Chapter twenty-four:


Chapter twenty-five:


Chapter twenty-six:


Chapter twenty-seven:


Chapter twenty-eight:


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