Tears of the Desert: Political Organizations

Chapter 1: n/a

Chapter 2: n/a

Chapter 3:

p.27–The Zaghawa tribe is spread across the border of Sudan-Chad in present day Darfur. In the past, the region was the African Kingdom of Kanam.

p.27–There are three Zaghawa clans: the Towhir, the Coube, and the Bidayat.

Chapter 4: n/a

Chapter 5: n/a

Chapter 6: n/a

Chapter 7:

p.84–The British invaded Sudan hundreds of years before the story takes place and divided the tribes to make them fight: a policy known as “divide and rule.”

Chapter 8: n/a

Chapter 9:

p.107–In school, Halima learned that England was the birtplace of Democracy and learned about the British colonization of Africa.

Chapter 10:

p.123–Halima’s father volunteered to support the democratic party, and the democratic party leader, Sadiq al-Madhi, was elected.

p.123–The military soon seized power and called themselves the “National Islamic Front.” They promised to defeat the “unbelievers,” mainly, the black Africans.

Chapter 11: n/a

Chapter 12: n/a

Chapter 13: n/a

Chapter 14: n/a

Chapter 15: n/a

Chapter 16:

p.186–The only people that speak out against the “National Islamic Front” are political party members or rebel groups.

Chapter 17: n/a

Chapter 18: n/a

Chapter 19: n/a

Chapter 20: n/a

Chapter 21: n/a

Chapter 22:

p.245–Members of the Sudan Liberation Army (the SLA), one of the main rebel groups, visit Halima’s village after it is attacked.

Chapter 23:

p.249–The Arab tribes had always been poorer than the black Africans, with no settlements or crops, but once they seized control of the government, they decided to eliminate the black Africans.

Chapter 24: n/a

Chapter 25: n/a

Chapter 26: n/a

Chapter 27: n/a

Chapter 28: n/a

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