Tears of the Desert: Taboos

Chapter 1

  • pg 7: The Evil Eye curse

Chapter 2

  • pg 19: Evil Eye curse quote ” Whenever Kadiga came round to ask me out to play, Grandma would scold us to cover our heads, or else the Evil Eye would get us”.

Chapter 3

  • pg 32: Hair curse. Quote  “Grandma was forever warning me of the danger of letting others get hold of my hair. If you wanted to curse someone there were evil Fakirs who could do this for you, but they would first ask for some of the person’s hair to ‘work’ the curse into”.
  • pg 35: Taboo on drinking, especially for women.

Chapter 4 : nothing

Chapter 5

  • pgs 52-65: screaming and crying while being cut is shameful
  • pg 56 quote: “Put this in your mouth. Bite down hard. And remember, you mustn’t scream or cry – it’s shameful. Be brave”.

Chapter 6: nothing

Chapter 7: nothing

Chapter 8: nothing

Chapter 9

  • pgs 110-111: Omer has the Evil Eye curse

Chapter 10

  • pg 122: Rathebe’s father turns down a request for her hand in marriage

Chapter 11: nothing

Chapter 12: nothing

Chapter 13: nothing

Chapter 14: nothing

Chapter 15: nothing

Chapter 16: nothing

Chapter 17: nothing

Chapter 18: nothing

Chapter 19: nothing

Chapter 20: nothing

Chapter 21: nothing

Chapter 22: nothing

Chapter 23: nothing

Chapter 24: nothing

Chapter 25: nothing

Chapter 26: nothing

Chapter 27: nothing

Chapter 28: nothing

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