Tears of the Desert: Witchcraft/Magic

Chapter 1: page 8

  • Mixing up medicine to heal cuts.
  • Hijabs: potent spell-prayers

Chapter 2: page 32

  • talks about rag dolls they would make to represent people.
  • they would play with them an go through scenarios of war, there would be a victor. (like a voodoo doll?)

Chapter 9: page 110-111

  • Omer attacks Halima, so everyone in the family thinks he has an Evil Eye in him, they go through a test by rolling an egg on the mother, crack it then repeat to see if the evil eye was looking and if there was a name to it.
  • upon confirming the Evil Eye, they made a special drink for Omer to drink, which would cast the Evil Eye out.

The rest of the book doesn’t reference any witchcraft or magic. They briefly mention different medicines they make while in the clinics or in their huts to heal wounds.

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