Men and Women’s Roles in Sudan

Ch 1:

7-Women rest for 40 days after childbirth

7-For celebrations, women dress in red, with unmarried women wearing the brightest shades, while men wear white

10-Zaghawa men are traders and tribal leaders

11-Men present gifts to the families of the women they want to marry

Ch 2:

13-Women had scars cut into their faces from a young age

14-It was common for men to marry multiple wives

26-Women are expected to marry a Zaghawa man, or live in shame

Ch 3:

30-Men and women live in different buildings placed close together

34-Men were allowed and expected to drink beer, where it was frowned upon for women to do so.

36-Women handled most domestic duties, and it was advantageous to have multiple wives because of this.

Ch 4:

43-Women are expected to behave, where young boys are taught to fight and defend themselves

Ch 5:

55-Halima went through the cutting: A female circumcision.

Ch 6:

74-Women and girls braid their hair in different styles according to local culture. Halima’s Grandmother refused to let her braid her hair Bob Marley style

Ch 7: No discussion of Men and Women’s roles

Ch 8:

97-Uncle Ahmed had authority over Halima as her caretaker, and defended her to the headmistress of the school

101-While Halima was at school, Kadiga was expected to marry and have children

Ch 9:

107-Girls were not allowed to associate with boys at the city school

111-Fakirs were male community leaders who had the power of God, and were believed to have the ability to create spells of good and evil

Ch 10:

117-Men shave off all their hair in preparation for marriage

122-When her father rejected the offer of those who wished for Halima to marry their son, they felt insulted

Ch 11-21: No discussion of Men’s and Women’s Roles

Ch 22:

241-The men stayed behind to fight the Janjaweed when the village was attacked, allowing the women and children to escape

245-Mo and Omer volunteered to join the SLA rebel group

Ch 23-finish: no discussion of Men’s and Women’s Roles

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