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Chapter one: Pg 3– ¬†Halima sings the same lullaby to her son as her parents/grandmother did to her as a child. Pg 7- Grandma rounds up village women to help prepare a feast for the celebration of the newborn child. … Continue reading

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The Nacireman celebration of Samtsirhc

As an Anthropologist I was given the opportunity to study/observe the tribe of Nacirema. I have been with them for a short amount some time (a month and a half to be exact) and have found myself quite surprised on … Continue reading

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L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site

Background: Name of Archaeological site- L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site Country it is located today- off the Great Northern Peninsula, the Island of Newfoundland-Canada Year it was added to the World Heritage List– 1978 The criteria that the site … Continue reading

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Beringia: A region between Western Siberia and Northern America, which includes the Bering land bridge.¬†Mainly Asian people and animals used the bridge to migrate over to North America. The Bering bridge is roughly 1000 miles long. It is assumed that … Continue reading

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