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Tears of the Desert: Witchcraft/Magic

Chapter 1: page 8 Mixing up medicine to heal cuts. Hijabs: potent spell-prayers Chapter 2: page 32 talks about rag dolls they would make to represent people. they would play with them an go through scenarios of war, there would … Continue reading

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The Practice of Football in Nacirema

I am a big fan of physical competition among people, in my country it isn’t always looked upon by the higher members of my society. But upon traveling to the new land of Nacirema I quickly found a new hard … Continue reading

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Sites of Mycenae and Tiryns

Mycenae and Tiryn Background Information: this site is located in Greece. Added to the World Heritage List in 1999. Criteria site was nominated for: Examples of human creative genius Had a great effect on the development of classical greek architecture/urban design, … Continue reading

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Lion Tailed Macaque

Lion Tailed Macaque Lion Tailed Macaque (Macaca Silenus) Family:  Cercopithecidae Genus: Macaca Species: M. Silenus Common name: Lion Tailed Macaque Physical Description: Average Male Weight: 7 kilograms Average Female Weight: 5 kilograms Age of Maturity: 2.5-4 years Life Expectancy: about … Continue reading

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Ethnobiology:  the scientific study of the relationships and interactions between plants, animals and the environment with humans, anytime from the distant past to the immediate present. This is a link to the Society of Ethnobiology. It’s a nonprofit organization that is … Continue reading

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