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Where did H. sapiens evolve?

Milford Wolpoff, a professor at the University of Michigan, and one of the major proponents of Multiregional Evolution has an hour long discussion with genetics writter-blogger Razib Khan about the history of the debate over where and how our species … Continue reading

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Forensic Anthropology

Links to clips from Bones: And here is a video with a forensic anthropologist and criminal science scholar discussing the different roles individuals play in solving crimes.

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Fossil Hominid Links

A great place to get more information about fossil hominids, and to see photos of the fossils, is the Smithsonian’s Human Evolution website. The whole website is worthwhile.  You may be most interested in the Family Tree portion.  Below the … Continue reading

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Some FAQs about posting on the blog

As of 11:00pm Saturday I have updated everyone who joined the blog thusfar from contributor to author, so you can now post your definitions.  Several of you already started your definitions and saved drafts – just log back in and … Continue reading

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History of Anthropology

Bronislaw Malinowski Margaret Mead The Trashing of Margaret Mead

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Like Great Great Great (Etc…) Grandpa Did It  

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