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Men and Women’s Roles in Sudan

Ch 1: 7-Women rest for 40 days after childbirth 7-For celebrations, women dress in red, with unmarried women wearing the brightest shades, while men wear white 10-Zaghawa men are traders and tribal leaders 11-Men present gifts to the families of … Continue reading

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Kondoa Rock-Art Site Background Information -Name: Kondoa Rock-Art Site -Location: Tanzania -Date: Added in 2006 -Criterion III: The paintings found at the Kondoa Rock-Art Site show an extensive history of the hunter-gatherer clans that used to live in the area … Continue reading

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Taphonomy (From the Greek word taphos [death]): The study of the process that takes an organism from a living being to a fossil. This includes events during the life of the organism, the transfer to fossilization, and the chemical transactions … Continue reading

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